If you like black girls, bare feet and shoeplay, this is the place for you. Though I focus primariily on black women, you can also other women of color here as well. All my photos are housed in a series of Yahoo groups that you'll have to join in order to look at them. This page is updated often, so keep checking back. Feel free to sign the guest book or e mail me with any questions or comments.
Having developed an interest in Indian women, I've started a group containing soley indian shoeplay photos--hence the name.
Sole Hunter's Journal
2/12/11    It's been quite a while since I released a new video, but wait no longer! You can see the pics from Video One Oh Three at BGS7. This DVD features a nice eclectic collection of shoeplay scenes, two of which feature Fillipinas, as you see to the left.
2/28/11     For those of you who have purchased a membership, I've added all of Ms. Carson's available clips to the site. I know there are a lot of fans of her, and the scene  you see to the left is the newest clip, also available of course, in the clip store.
8/15/11    New video available. You can see pictures from Indian Shoeplay Vol. 5 at the Indian Shoeplay Group.There's a lot of great new footage on this video, but one scene I'd like to highlight is the one you see to the left. This girl, named Vanessa, does some absolutely wonderful things with her feet. It's a pity I didn't get to film her longer, but it was definitely worth my effort. If you like your scenes a bit longer, there are a couple of monsters towards the end of this video. Both are at least a half hour long, so I guess I should say it starts at the midway point as opposed to the end. Anyway, click the top oic of Vanessa's feet to see a clip of her and click the link below to see a bit of one of the marathons.

Double Luck